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Furniture safe F 2 with insertion slot

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  • 002551-60500_DBKLI
  • Class B VDMA 24992 Class B VDMA 24992
Furniture safe F 2 with insertion slot

Furniture safe F 2 /with insertion slot: Deposit/-furniture steel cabinet with design features of security level A. This deposit/furniture insert steel cabinet is used for temporary storage and security during daily business. Fitted with an insertion slot 20 x 120 mm (H x W in mm) in the door including return stop on the inside of the door.

  • Double-bit high security key lock, 2 keys
  • Insertion slot 20 x 120 mm (H x W mm)
  • 1-sided door locking
  • 90° door opening angle, door hinged on right
  • Prepared for floor and rear wall anchoring incl. 4 x anchoring hardware
  • Graphite grey (RAL 7024)
Product characteristics
Weight: 25 kg
Height: 380 mm
Width: 380 mm
Depth: 350 mm
Resistance grade: Class B VDMA 24992
Volume: 42 ltr
Internal height: 374 mm
Internal width: 374 mm
Internal depth: 303 mm
Shelves: 1 (removable)
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The double-bit high-security lock with  2 keys  is fitted as standard. You can... more
Locking Systems

The double-bit high-security lock with 2 keys is fitted as standard.

You can optionally choose a different lock variant:

Electronic Lock La Gard Combogard 39E

1. The Electronic lock S & G Spartan can be chosen by you as a lock variant if you do not want to use the keys and instead want to open the safe via the keypad (6 digits). With the S & G Spartan electronic lock you have up to 1 user code (freely programmable) in addition to a master code. The battery is changed from the outside via a battery compartment.

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