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Safe Grade 4 Pegasus 120

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Second lock

  • 004140-60000_3ARM_DBKLI_DBKLI
  • Insurance approved | Rated by AiS
Safe Grade 4 Pegasus 120

FORMAT Pegasus 120 is a high security safe that is AiS approved (UK) and has VdS and ECB-S Class VI certification. Its construction allows it to be particularly effective for indoor use. The interior space of the FORMAT Pegasus can be used for a variety of applications and its weight-optimized design make it an ideal safe for use int the commercial and private sectors.

The FORMAT Pegasus is also equipped with two locking mechanisms and can be connected to a burglar alarm system.

Weight: 360 kg
Height: 640 mm
Width: 620 mm
Depth: 550 mm
Resistance grade: EN 1143-1 Grade 4
Valuables rating: £ 600.000
Cash rating: £ 60.000
AiS approved: Rated by AiS
Volume: 120 ltr
Internal Height: 560 mm
Internal Width: 540 mm
Internal Depth: 397 mm
A4 folder(s): 8
Shelves: 1
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  The double-bit high-security lock with  2 keys  is fitted as standard.... more
Locking Systems


The double-bit high-security lock with 2 keys is fitted as standard.

You can optionally choose a different lock variant:

Electronic Lock La Gard Combogard 39E

1. The Electronic Lock La Gard Combogard 39E can be chosen by you as a lock variant if you do not want to use the keys and instead want to open the safe via the keypad (6 digits). With the La Gard Combogard Electronic Lock you have up to 9 user codes (freely programmable) in addition to a master code. The battery is changed from the outside via a battery compartment.

Electronic Lock Mauer Code-Combi B 30

2. With the Electronic Lock Mauer Code-Combi B 30 the number combination is also entered via the keypad 6-8 digits). Additionally this Electronic Lock is equipped with a revision lock including an emergency key. You can choose from 1 master code and up to 30 different user codes for freely selectable programming. The battery is changed from the outside via a battery compartment.

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